July 13th 2017

Today was spent getting ready for the North Bay Regatta on Saturday! We had a regular early bird with the choice of swimming, running, road biking or mountain biking. After a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and watermelon the campers headed down to clean their cabins for inspection. We had a special guest today at Ak-O-Mak, Bill Trayling! Bill was here to help us with paddling. We had only 2 periods this morning and the younger and older campers alternated between paddling and swim practice with dryland. After lunch and a sleepy rest hour the campers put their paddling gear back on for the afternoon! We took out the 3 war canoes again as well as small boats. In addition to paddling we also had volleyball, netball and tennis. We had a bit of a more relaxed evening activity, with the choice between yoga and softball. Everyone was definitely ready for a good sleep!




Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.