July 14th 2017

Everyone woke up bright and early this morning for early bird! There was the choice of swimming, running, mountain biking or small boats to prepare for the North Bay Regatta tomorrow! After pancakes, bacon and fruit for breakfast we headed down to the boathouse for one more war canoe practice. All of the boats are looking very strong and the girls can’t wait to race tomorrow. After paddling practice was over we loaded the boats onto the trailer, just in time to head to lunch. After candy store we had an extended rest hour so everyone would be nice and rested for tomorrow. In the afternoon the campers all picked a song and choreographed a dance for cabin lip syncs! All of the cabins made very creative and original dances and it was so much fun to watch. After dinner we all gathered in the main house again for a stretching and massage clinic led by Jocelyn! There are a lot of sore muscles due to all the paddling lately so it was wonderful to have a chance to stretch them out in time for the races. After stretching everyone headed down to their cabins to get a good night sleep for tomorrow!



Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.