July 17th 2017

Another gorgeous day here at Camp Ak-O-Mak! Our morning started off with an earlybird of running, mountain biking, swimming and road biking. After a filling breakfast of bagels, sausages and grapes the campers headed down to their cabins to tidy up for inspection. For morning classes today we had paddling and swimming! The girls worked on their small boats and war canoe to prepare for the upcoming regatta in Ottawa on Saturday. After a lunch of pizza and salad we all went to our cabins to rest up for the afternoon. This afternoon we did another period of paddling and then a choice period of diving, archery or paddle boarding. After dinner we all went to the volleyball courts for a game of Barbarians! During this evening activity the camp is divided into 4 teams and you have to try to get the other teams socks that are hidden on their backs. It is a very intense game and it is always a favourite evening activity! At the end the counsellors and cabin 1 play against the rest of the campers for a fun challenge. The girls then had some open waterfront before bedtime to clean all of the sand off of them.




Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.