July 18th 2017

As an exciting twist today we all headed to Buckwallow Cycling Centre! After an early bird of swimming, running and small boats and a delicious breakfast we all hopped on the buses and left. It was a very busy day full of mountain biking, running and hiking the kilometers of trails at Buckwallow! There are many different trails, from beginner to expert level and they all differ in distance as well. It was such an amazing opportunity to get to try out our skills at mountain biking and everyone had an awesome time. After a couple hours of riding in the morning we stopped for a lunch break and then hopped on our bikes and headed back out for the afternoon. We arrived back to camp in time to bathe quickly before dinner. After roasted chicken, veggies and rice for dinner we headed back onto the water for a choice period for evening activity. The girls chose between sailing, paddle boarding, small boats and diving. It was a great way to cool off before bed.



Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.