July 20th 2017

The lake was very calm this morning for a wonderful early bird of swimming, running, small boats and biking. After toast, sausages, hashbrowns and fruit for breakfast everyone headed down to clean their cabins and then headed off to morning activities. For first period we took out the 3 war canoes for one last practice before the Ottawa Regatta! For second and third period we had classes of badminton, archery, soccer and swimming. After lunch we had a bit of a longer rest hour to get all packed up for Ottawa. Then we all headed back down to paddling for a bit of practice in the small boats. Once we loaded all the boats onto the trailer the campers headed out for a choice period of volleyball, tennis and synchro. After a delicious chicken curry dinner we all met at the softball diamond for the camper versus counsellor softball game! The counsellors got all dressed up and it was so much fun to play. We had some open waterfront before bedtime to bathe before we head to Ottawa tomorrow!



Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.