July 24th 2017

1 more day of vacation… Sadly this is the 4 weekers last day of camp so we definitely made the most of it! We had a sleep in today due to the weather so the girls came to breakfast feeling very rested. After breakfast and inspection we had morning classes. Our morning classes consisted of pilates, boxing, self defense and rocktagon! Rocktagon is played in an empty cabin. All of the mattresses are lined on the floor and you put on a couple of lifejackets and wrestle. It is a lot of fun on a rainy day! After classes we had a filling lunch of perogies, chips and salad and then we had rest hour. For the afternoon everyone met back up at the mainhouse for team comp! The teams took turns playing Scuttlebugs and building a parachute that holds a tennis ball to fly off the second floor in the mainhouse. After activities everyone went back to their cabins to pack before dinner. Tonight was banquet, so we had a special dinner of mashed potatoes, stuffing, turkey, vegetables and gravy. After dinner we gave out all of the awards and watched the slide show! Then we headed down to the main dock to release our wish boats into the water. It was an amazing day to end off a wonderful session.



Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.