July 25th 2017


Another amazing session of camp has come to an end! The past 4 weeks have flown by and we’re definitely looking forward to the next 3 weeks. We had an early breakfast this morning because the campers leaving by bus had an early departure at 8:30am. After breakfast we had inspection to get our cabins ready for new campers tomorrow and then headed down for swim practice! This was a unique swim practice, with some sprint races and relay races using the innertubes at the end. After swimming we played a game of Smugglers and Spies along the cabin line. To finish off a fun morning we had a water balloon fight in the backfield! For lunch we enjoyed yummy pizza and salad, and then we had a quick rest hour. For the afternoon we paddled, swam, ran or took the war canoe over to Ahmic Lake Lodge! We played on the water slide and water trampoline and enjoyed some ice cream in the sun. We got back to camp in time for dinner and then for the evening we had a movie night! We watched Moana and enjoyed some treats. As a fun twist the campers had a chance to stay in the mainhouse overnight if they wanted to! We can’t wait for tomorrow to meet all of the new campers.



Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.