July 30th 2017

Today was a very special day here at Camp Ak-O-Mak because we had our annual Olympic Day! Camp is divided into 6 different teams, and each team chooses which country they would like to represent. Then each camper chooses the sports that they are best at and they compete against the other teams. This morning was spent by the lake for all of our water sports. We started out with diving and a swim meet, and then moved on to war canoe, waterpolo, synchro, K1 and paddleboard races. After lunch and rest hour we met up at Easter Island Head Rock for our afternoon of land sports! We divided into teams for tennis, badminton, volleyball, soccer, softball, basketball, track and field, mountain biking and cross-country. It was an awesome day and there is a different sport for everyone to excel at. After a full day of Olympic games we headed to the campfire for Sunday night cookout! Everyone enjoyed their burgers, salad and chips before roasting some marshmallows and having cake for dessert! We read the results of Olympic Day at campfire and then sang some songs before heading back to the cabin for a well deserved early bedtime.



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