Midland Triathlon

The Midland Triathlon

Well dull isn’t a word that would describe our day for staff or campers.  The 39 campers that we had competing in the Midland Triathlon awoke extra early to fuel up before loading the bus by 6AM so that we could be on our way to the tri.  Once there it was a whirlwind of activity and the day absolutely flew by.  We had Ak-O-Mak’ers competing in every race! We loved being acknowledged over the loud speaker and of course shared our excitement to be there with our now famous  cheers being heard all over the course, perhaps all over Penetanguishene.  We are excited to report that it was indeed a very successful and fun-filled day for all.  After burgers and bonding time we boarded the bus for to head back to camp.  In celebratory spirit we stopped on the way home for ice cream.   Once back at camp we settled in for our weekly cookout and campfire, always a favourite way to wind down our week.  A yummy barbeque was enjoyed by all and of course what would a cookout be without roasted marshmallows.   In true Ak-o-Mak tradition we gathered around the campfire to share stories about our wonderful and exciting day.    Laughs were enjoyed by all as many funny stories were shared.  What a great way to end another excellent week at camp!


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