August 7th 2017

A twist, a twist! Instead of our regular earlybird this morning the counsellors put their suits, caps and goggles on and did the Ak-O-Mak triathlon! Cabin 1 and the rest of the campers helped organize the tri and got a taste of what it takes to plan an event. It was a blast for both campers and counsellors. After earlybird we fueled up for the day with bagels, sausages and fruit for breakfast. Instead of regular morning classes we had 3 choice periods for the morning. Some of the choices include paddling, diving, ultimate Frisbee, netball, waterpolo, archery, tennis and pickleball. We also had a group of paddlers from the North Bay Canoe Club visit us for the day, and they enjoyed going around to the activities with the campers. After a delicious lunch of pasta and salad we had rest hour before afternoon activity. The rain couldn’t stop us from enjoying this afternoon, and everyone stayed in their cabins to make a dance and practice for cabin lip syncs! After dinner we presented the cabin lip syncs and every cabin did an amazing job. In third place we had cabin 6, second place was cabin 4 and first place was cabin 1! It was an awesome day and we can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow brings.




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Make this their best summer yet.