August 14th 2017

Instead of earlybird this morning, we had an early breakfast at 7:30 and then headed out to Buckwallow Cycling Centre! Buckwallow is a collection of mountain bike trails, that range from beginner to expert difficulty. We biked for around 2 hours in the morning, and then took a break for lunch and headed out onto the trails for another hour and a half in the afternoon! We also had a group that biked for either the morning or afternoon, and then hiked and ran through the trails for the rest of the day. It was a ton of fun, and everyone had a blast challenging themselves and trying something new. We got back to camp in time for open waterfront before dinner to cool off. After a delicious dinner of pasta, roasted vegetables and salad we had a choice of paddling or dodgeball for evening activity. It was a wonderful and busy day!




Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.