August 29th 2017

Today we held Olympic Day at Camp Ak-O-Mak! After a great early bird of running, road biking, swimming and mountain biking we all went to the mainhouse for some toast, scrambled eggs and fruit for breakfast. After inspection all the campers met at Easter Island Head Rock to divide into teams for Olympic Day. Each team picked a different country that wasn’t represented at Ak-O-Mak and divided their team into different events for the day. In the morning we had the swim meet and the afternoon was dedicated to the land sports. Some of the sports we did in the afternoon were tennis, basketball, soccer, softball, gymnastics, track and field and mountain biking. We finished off the afternoon with open waterfront to cool off before dinner. After a delicious dinner of chicken, pasta and vegetables there was a choice between fireside yoga and backfield games for evening activity. Everyone headed to their cabins afterwards ready for a good sleep after such a busy day!



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