August 31st 2017

The sun was shining for a wonderful earlybird of running, road biking, mountain biking and swimming. Afterwards we all met at the mainhouse to fill our stomachs with tasty breakfast sandwiches and fruit. After tidying their cabins for inspection the campers headed to their morning classes. This morning we had classes of lacrosse, archery, basketball, soccer, rugby and volleyball. Since it was a little chillier this morning we had a choice between swimming or dry land. After lunch and rest hour we all met at Easter Island Head Rock for team comp! The game we played is called Gold Rush, and each team has to look for and collect coloured rocks that are scattered around camp. They bring them all back and the team with the most rocks wins! After team comp we had two choice periods and we finished up the tennis tournament. We also had a group head into Parry Sound for the bike time trial. After a delicious dinner of cous cous, pork roast and salad the campers had a choice between fireside yoga or softball to end the day.




Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.