Mon July 2nd:

We had another beautiful day here at Camp Ak-O-Mak. After a few busy days off camp it was great to spend a full day enjoying camp. We started off with a full earlybird of swimming, running, mountain biking and paddling. However instead of swimming to Rocky Reef we switched it up and swam to Monster Rock instead! After a filling breakfast of eggs, sausages and hashbrowns the campers headed to their morning classes. Some of the classes this morning included volleyball, kayak adventure, gymnastics, paddle boarding, Zumba and swimming. The campers had worked up an appetite after their busy morning, and we headed up to the mainhouse to enjoy fajitas and salad for lunch. For afternoon activities we all met down at the boathouse for paddling! We took out a few war canoes as well as small boats, and the campers are already improving drastically through the few practices we have had. There was also a chance to do yoga this afternoon. We slowed things down a little bit for evening activity and had a scavenger hunt themed Team Comp game. The campers had to gather different items from around camp and make them into a skit. The more items they gathered the more points they received! It was a great to end off the wonderful day.



Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.