July 3rd 2018

Tues July 3rd:

Today was a very exciting day at camp because it was Olympic Day! After an early bird of road biking, swimming, running or mountain biking and a delicious breakfast we all met down at Easter Island Head Rock for the opening ceremonies. The camp divided into 4 teams and chose the country they wanted to represent. The 4 countries were Brazil, Finland, Croatia and the British Virgin Islands. During the morning we had all of the water events. We started off with a swim meet, and then we divided up the teams and moved onto war canoe, paddle board and K1 races, diving, synchro and water polo. We had beautiful water today so everyone enjoyed being out on the water this morning. After an enjoyable lunch of chicken, fruit salad and cous cous we recharged for the afternoon with rest hour. For the afternoon we did different land sports such as tennis, softball, soccer, mountain biking, cross country, track and field, gymnastics, basketball and more! After such a busy day we had a more relaxed evening activity with a choice between softball try outs, yoga or stroke correction. It was a very busy but fun-filled day!




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