12K Race

July 12th, 12K Race

It was an early morning for us here at Ak-O-Mak as the bell rang for an early light breakfast at 6:45AM so that the girls could get ready and paddle over to Chikopi in time for our 12K run race from Chikopi to Ak-O-Mak.  Once all of the canoes had arrived at Chikopi, our coach, Jocelyn Saunders led the girls in a warm up and a few cheers before the start of the race.  The girls and boys all ran an excellent race, giving it their all and finishing in some of the fastest times that we have seen in a while.  After everyone had completed the run and had a chance to cool off in the lake we had our awards ceremony and then Chikopi stayed at Ak-O-Mak for a delicious pizza lunch.   Everyone was in very high spirits and I’m sure the cheers could be heard from across the lake as the two camps competed in a little impromptu cheer off after lunch.  The boys then paddled back to Chikopi while the girls headed off to their cabins for a much needed rest hour.


It was a beautiful, hot and flat afternoon on the lake so we took advantage of the day by getting in a paddling practice for those heading to the Balmy Beach Regatta next week.  Everyone else enjoyed the afternoon canoeing, kayaking and even gunnel bobbing.  After a delicious dinner of fish and chips the campers headed down to the cabin line for a quick game of Smugglers and Spies before heading to bed to get some rest.  We cannot wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us!




1ST     AMRITA K.     1:10:39

2ND    LUCY M.          1:16:49

3RD     MARIA Y.        1:33:45

4TH     JOLIE M.          1:41:35

5TH     ITZIAR F.        1:41:35

6TH     ANA SOFIA A. 2:04:40


11-12 GIRLS


1ST     IMANE E.        1:01:33

2ND    JESSICA R.      1:02:55

3RD     MACKENZIE O.1:02:56

4TH     KOSI L.            1:07:15

5TH     EMMA G.         1:12:15

6TH     ELANA G.        1:15:20

7TH     ROBIN C.         1:16:40

8TH     TEAGAN D.     1:24:57

9TH     POPO H.          1:25:57

10TH  ISABEL R.       1:25:58

11TH  MARION D.     1:29:13

12TH  CLAIRE P.       1:29:14

13TH  MAYA G.         1:40:09

14TH  ATIRA G.         1:49:26

15TH  SARAH S.        1:50:13

16TH  EUGENIA R.    2:04:41

17TH  ABBY H.          2:10:16


13-14 GIRLS


1ST     INDIANNA S.  59:56

2ND    RHYA E.          1:00:45

3RD     SAM G.                        1:03:57

4TH     NATASHA L.   1:04:48

5TH     ABBY H.          1:07:20

6TH     GRACE P.        1:09:54

7TH     ELIZABETH W.1:10:49

8TH     PAOLA M.       1:13:41

9TH     EMILY R.         1:25:55

10TH  LUCY W.         1:25:59

11TH  ELANA W.      1:37:57

12TH  AYODELE L.   1:40:03

13TH  ARIANNE C.    1:40:05

14TH  OLYMPIA C.    1:49:25



15-17 GIRLS


1ST     BROOKE S.      56:05

2ND    MADISON H.   56:33

3RD     CHARLOTTE E.57:27

4TH     MARINA D.     57:29

5TH     MJ C.                1:08:22

6TH     LILLIE W.       1:09:12

7TH     SARABETH H.            1:10:41

8TH     ALEXA M.       1:10:44

9TH     URSULA M.     1:18:03

10TH  JOYCE S.          1:24:59

11TH  RACHEL L.      1:25:56



1ST                 JOCELYN S.     51:50

2ND                EMILY C.         55:22

3RD                 RACHEL M.     59:24

4TH                 BRIGETTE C.  1:03:35

5TH                 ROSIE T.         1:05:07

6TH                 MOLLY L.        1:06:19

7TH                 MEGAN P.       1:18:36

7TH                 ARIELLE F.     1:18:36

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