July 5th 2018

Thurs July 5th:

After our busy day yesterday we enjoyed a sleep in this morning, and met up at the mainhouse for breakfast. After inspection we jumped right into morning classes! This morning we had lots of water sports to stay cool again. The beautiful weather has turned the lake into the perfect, refreshing temperature! Our classes included synchro, diving, sailing, kayak adventure, archery and swimming. After a busy morning of classes we were all ready for a delicious lunch of turkey or tuna sandwiches with chips and cous cous salad. After getting some sweets at candy store the campers headed down to their cabins for a well deserved rest hour. We met back up at the boathouse for an afternoon of paddling! Campers practiced war canoe, small boats, sea kayaking and they also practiced paddling on a paddleboard. We also had some free time at open waterfront before dinner to stay cool. After a great dinner of steak, potatoes and cauliflower with shortbread cookies for dessert we met at the volleyball courts for a game of Barbarians! This is one of everyone’s favourite evening activities, and it involves pulling people over to your side of the court to grab a long sock that is tucked into their shorts. It gets very intense and is a ton of fun. We all jumped in the lake again before bed to clean off the sand. It was a great day and we’re definitely looking forward to what tomorrow has in store for us!



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Make this their best summer yet.