July 6th 2018

Fri July 6th:

It was a windy day here at Ak-O-Mak so instead of swimming to Rocky Reef for early bird we swam around the buoys in the bay. It was a fun twist to the morning and the campers also had the choice between running and road biking. After early bird we had a delicious breakfast of breakfast sandwiches with fruit and cereal. Since it is such a beautiful day we took camp pictures this morning after inspection! The campers chose a unique place to take their cabin pictures, and then we met up at the mainhouse for the camp picture. After pictures there were 2 more morning classes of swimming and other fun sports. We also started the tennis tournament today! After lunch and rest hour we had the colour run! Everyone met up at the mainhouse with their white t-shirts and crazy hair-dos for a dance party before running through the trails and having colour thrown at them. Everyone had a wonderful time dancing and throwing colour at each other, and a jump in the lake to clean up before dinner was definitely necessary! This evening Rosie taught everyone an inspiring and informative self-defense class and it was an amazing end to such a great day.


Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.