July 7th 2018

Sat July 7th:

The sun was shining and the water was calm today, which was perfect weather for today’s Around the Island swim! Everyone was able to enjoy a sleep in this morning and we met up at breakfast to fuel up for the morning with hashbrowns, mushrooms, sausages and fruit. We all headed down to Sandy Beach where the campers jumped into the water and started the 2 mile swim around Campbell’s Island. After the campers finished their swim, they jumped into the canoes to paddle for the counsellors on their 1 mile swim to Monster Rock and back. All of that activity had everyone hungry for lunch. We had pitas, Greek salad and kebab’s and everything was delicious. After rest hour the campers had classes for the afternoon. We also continued on with the tennis tournament, and had some more self defense classes as well! After dinner we had our final softball tryouts and the option for paddling as well. The campers took our lots of our racing kayaks and some of the racing canoes. Some of our younger campers practiced their stroke and balance by paddling on the paddleboards. It was great to see everyone out on the water enjoying a beautiful and calm evening.

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.