July 12th 2018






Thurs July 12th:

We had a fantastic day full of paddling! Our morning started off with earlybird, where the campers had a choice between small boats, swimming and running. After filling up on a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and fresh fruit we had inspection and then our morning classes began. For classes today we had rockin body workout, soccer, badminton, gymnastics, ultimate Frisbee and we finished off with a camp-wide war canoe practice. After lunch and a well deserved rest hour we met back up at the boathouse for a period of paddling! We worked on our starts and learned proper technique and some new drills to enhance our skills. After paddling everyone headed to swim practice, and afterwards we ended off the afternoon with open waterfront. Everyone had the opportunity to take out the paddleboards, go log rolling or try out the diving tower. We then had a fantastic dinner of pork chops, roasted zuchinni and cous cous and then we headed out to the backfields for some fun games to end off the evening! We played Hucklebuckle and Running and Screaming, which is basically just seeing who can run the farthest while also screaming as loud as they can! It was a great ending to such a fun day.



Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.