Chikopi Ak-O-Mak Triathlon

July 15th, Chikopi Ak-O-Mak Triathlon

What a great race day for all of the Ak-O-Mak girls!  After eating a delicious pasta lunch everyone headed down to the boats with their bags packed for an afternoon filled with swimming, running and paddling over at Chikopi.  Two of our war canoes paddled over to Chikopi to get in some more practice before our upcoming regatta while the others paddled pleasure canoes across the lake. 


Once we got there the 15 and over heat was first and entered the water for the start of the race.  The race was a 0.5 mile swim, followed by a 2.5 mile run and a 1.5 mile solo paddle back over to Chikopi from Ak-O-Mak.  The older girls raced hard while the younger girls cheered them on.  Once the first heat had finished the 14 and under racers headed into the water for their race.  The girls all had amazing races and everyone finished the race on their own.  Ak-O-Mak had yet another awesome showing with 8 girls finishing in the top 10 campers!


After the race we had a yummy cookout meal on Chikopi’s point before the awards ceremony and then a paddle back to camp while watching the sunset.  It was another awesome day here at camp and we cannot wait to see what fun we will have tomorrow!


10 and under girls

1st       Lucy M.           1:01:21

2nd     Amrita K.        1:10:00

3rd      Jolie M.            1:25:17

4th      Ana Sofia S.    1:25:39

5th      Itziar F.           2:08:20


11-12 girls

1st       Imane E.         57:11

2nd     Emma G.         1:01:20

3rd      Jessica R.        1:02:33

4th      Marion D.       1:03:52

5th      McKenzie O.   1:04:14

6th      Elana G.          1:04:58

7th      Robin C.          1:05:32

8th      Eugenia R.      1:08:35

9th      Maya G.           1:11:28

10th    Claire P.          1:12:05

11th    Kosi L.             1:13:06

12th    Isabel R.          1:15:07

13th    Teagan D.       1:18:35

14th    Sarah S.          1:23:33

15th    Abby H.           1:30:16



13-14 girls

1st       Abby H.           52:12

2nd     Emily R.          57:42

3rd      Samantha G.   59:11

4th      Marina D.       59:13

5th      Natasha L.      59:39

6th      Arianne C.      1:00:15

 7th     Paola M.          1:01:49

8th      Grace P.          1:02:15

9th      Rhya E.           1:03:27

10th    Wynn M.         1:10:34


15-17 girls

1st       Alexa M.          55:43

2nd     Charlotte E.    55:50

3rd      Elizabeth W.   56:18

4th      Madison H.     57:24

5th      Sarabeth H.    58:01

6th      Catherine G.   1:00:56

7th      Ursula M.        1:10:20


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