July 14th 2018

Sat July 14th:

We had another fantastic day here at Camp Ak-O-Mak! After a wonderful earlybird of paddling, running, swimming or mountain biking we had a yummy breakfast of sausages with hashbrowns and fresh fruit to fuel everyone for the day. The North Bay Canoe Club joined us for the day to paddle and participate in other classes. This morning we had a practice for all of the small boats that are preparing for the regatta, while also having other morning classes going on. Some of the other morning classes were archery, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, rugby, softball and swimming. After lunch we had candy store and rest hour, and then we met up at the boathouse for a war canoe practice! It is great to see how far the campers are improving after all of the paddling practice we’ve done lately. After war canoe we had team comp! This afternoon we had canoe races around the bay. Each team had to get their whole team around the course, with only one canoe and one paddle. Everyone got very creative as they tried to be the fastest team through the course! After such a busy afternoon we had a nice and quiet evening activity, where Sue Porter led us through a wonderful talk about how our mindset can help us achieve our dreams! We ended off the day with some open waterfront to cool off before heading back to our cabins for bedtime.



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Make this their best summer yet.