July 16th 2018

Mon July 16th:

We started off this morning with a twist for earlybird! Instead of the regular choices we all went out in war canoes. It was great to get some extra paddling practice before the regatta and it was such a fun way to start the day off. After a delicious breakfast of hashbrowns, scrambled eggs and fresh fruit we all met down at Sandy Beach for the Ak-O-Mak triathlon! The campers swam through a course in the bay, and then ran through long-cross and then they soloed a canoe either around the buoy or to Cherokee Point depending on their age! It was a blast to cheer everyone on and we had the perfect conditions for the triathlon. After working up an appetite we had a wonderful lunch of pierogies with salad and tortilla chips. After rest hour we had another paddling practice, but we worked on the small boats this time. Everyone has improved dramatically since we started this summer. We then had a choice period of either swim practice with stroke correction, hiking adventure or tennis! We ended off the afternoon with open waterfront to cool off before dinner. For evening activity the campers got creative and dressed their counsellors up for Counsellor Fashion Show! The counsellors were dressed in the wackiest outfits that you can imagine, and Cabin 3 was the winner this session for their creative Jungle themed outfits. It was a hilarious finish to the day.




Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.