July 18th 2018

Wed July 18th:

It was another beautiful day on Ahmic Lake! We had a full earlybird this morning, with choices of paddling, swimming, running and mountain biking. After working up an appetite we all filled up on breakfast with fried eggs, hashbrowns and fresh watermelon. After inspection our morning classes began with a twist this morning! We all met down at the main dock for a stretching class led by Jocelyn, which felt wonderful on our sore muscles after the extra paddling practice we have had. We then had a camp-wide swim practice, followed by some other classes such as rugby, pickleball and zumba. After lunch we paddled over to Ahmic Lake Lodge for the afternoon! The campers enjoyed ice cream and treats, and swimming in the rapids and on the floating toys. We paddled back to camp just in time for a delicious Greek feast for dinner. We had chicken kabobs, pita bread, greek salad and roasted vegetables. We ended off the day with a choice of yoga or backfield games for evening activity. The backfield games we played were Octopus and Revenge Tag. It was a great way to burn off some extra energy before heading to bed.



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