July 28th 2018

Saturday July 28th:

We woke up bright and early this morning for breakfast before half of the camp headed to North Bay for the paddling regatta! They had a day full of paddling small boats and war canoe and everyone did an amazing job, especially for the limited time we had to practice! The group that stayed at camp had a wonderful day as well. We started off with morning classes, which had to be indoors due to the rain. All of the cabins had the opportunity to try out both fencing and self-defense! The sun was shining this afternoon for swim practice, and afterwards we headed to the backfields to divide up into teams and make our own obstacle courses! The campers were able to use equipment from all over camp to come up with the most creative obstacle course they could think of. The whole team got to run through it before they took turns going through the other teams obstacle course as well. After a delicious dinner of lasagna with roasted vegetables and salad, we played a new game for evening activity called Lasers. Campers got into pairs and pretended to create a laser between them, and the other campers had to find their way through the cabin line to get the prize without being caught. It was lots of fun and a great way to run off some extra energy before bedtime!



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