August 7th 2018

Tuesday August 7tH:

We had beautiful early bird this morning to start off our day! The campers had the choice between paddling, mountain biking, running or swimming. We all enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of toast with sausages and fresh watermelon before heading down to the cabins to clean for inspection. Everyone had lots of fun at morning classes today, with campers enjoying lots of time in the water to stay cool. Some of the classes this morning included synchro, badminton, archery, Zumba, waterpolo, basketball, soccer and of course swimming. After lunch we all met at the soccer field for the annual Akomak vs Chikopi soccer game! Our soccer team has been practicing diligently for the past week in preparation for the game. Unfortunately we didn’t win the game but everyone had a great attitude and sportsmanship throughout the whole game. After working up a sweat we had open waterfront to cool down before dinner. We had a delicious dinner tonight of pasta with garlic bread, Caesar salad and corn with lemon cake for dessert. We had the tennis finals tonight for evening activity, with special celebrity guests the Dancing Queens who came to face off against the winners! We had an early bed time afterwards to get ready for our busy day at Buckwallow Cycling Centre tomorrow!



Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.