August 13th 2018

Monday August 13th:

Today we had our Team Comp Treasure Hunt, which is one of everyone’s favourite days! We started off the day with a full earlybird and campers had the choices of swimming, running, paddling, road biking or mountain biking. After breakfast we had a shorter morning of classes. Some of the classes were sailing, archery, pickleball, basketball and swimming. After a delicious lunch of bruschetta with salad we had a shorter rest hour to give us enough time for a full afternoon of Treasure Hunt! We started off at Easter Island Head Rock and the teams divided up and started on their first clue! The treasure hunt led each team through 30 clues all around camp and Ahmic Lake. We had a buffet dinner of lasagna with Caesar salad and cheese bread so no one had to take too much time away from the clues! At 8:00pm Treasure Hunt ended and the clues were counted up to see which team had completed the most! We even had a couple of teams finish every clue with just a few minutes to spare. After such a busy day of running, paddling and biking all around camp we headed to bed to rest up for our final camp day tomorrow!



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