August 23rd 2018

August 23


We woke up this morning with a beautiful sunrise as we got ready to swim, run or mountain bike for early bird.  We also had an option for our campers to learn to road bike, so they can prepare for upcoming bike rides this session. After breakfast and inspection, we had regular classes including yoga, diving, archery, tennis, water aerobics/log rolling and of course SWIMMING YAY! After a beautiful morning in the sun we headed up for a lunch of chilli and corn bread with a fruit salad on the side. Following a relaxing rest hour, the whole camp met at sandy beach for another team comp activity. Today the challenge was building a raft out of a paddleboard, life jackets, and paddles to get their entire team to the diving tower and back to win the race. After team comp, those leaving for the the bike time trial headed to Parry Sound and the rest of the campers headed to their choice of diving, synchronized swimming or small boats. Dinner was delicious meatballs and rice with roasted veggies and a green salad, with everyones favourite rainbow snickerdoodle cookies for dessert. We ended the night off with a quick game of speedball on the soccer field and then an early bed to prepare for our Ahmic Harbour swim tomorrow!

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.