August 24th, 2018

August 24


On today’s schedule was the Ahmic Harbour 3 mile swim. After hoping for good weather all week, mother nature did not disappoint! With clear blue skies and the sun shining the girls headed to the main dock for the start of the race. We were lucky to have had such a warm lake all summer, encouraging a majority of the campers to swim. Everyone else headed out in their canoes to watch and guide the swimmers for the 3 mile course. The determination of the swimmers and the positive energy and cheers from the paddlers allowed for an amazing morning on the lake! Once everyone had returned to camp, either on foot or by canoe we met at the main house for lunch. We had fresh bruschetta bread slices with melted cheese on top and a watermelon and pineapple green salad. After candy store and an extended rest hour the girls headed to classes with their cabins for the afternoon. A windy afternoon was a perfect forecast to get 10 sailboats out on the water. The other classes were water polo, water aerobics and the kickoff to our tennis tournament within the cabins. For dinner we had “Fish Friday”, enjoying fish and chips and a leafy green salad on the side. Warm peach cobbler was served for dessert and the girls ended a busy day with a competitive game of Capture the Flag on the backfields.

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.