August 27th 2018

August 26

Today was a camp day full of twists! After early bird and breakfast we swapped our usual swim practice for a camp wide Splash and Dash race, where campers and counselors chose to compete in either the short or long course event. The competitors also got the choice to race individually or partner up with a friend to tag off after each swim/run portion. After a fun morning or racing, cheering, and dancing at the finish line we all headed up for a Sunday buffet in our whites. Adding to the excitement of the morning, the afternoon activity was a trip to Ahmic Lake Lodge! With the sun shining we all hopped in canoes to paddle across the lake for a relaxing afternoon at the lodge. While there, the girls had ice cream and got to play in the rapids and take a trip to the water trampoline. With all the rain we got yesterday the campers were thrilled to hear that the fire ban had been partially lifted! Meaning we were able enjoy our last cookout of the summer sitting around a warm campfire. After roasting marshmallows and singing at the top of our lungs, an amazing day was ended sharing stories and laughing with friends until the sun went down.


Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.