July 26th Ak-O-Mak

July 26th

It was a great day here at Ak-O-Mak, beautiful and sunny with a nice breeze.  The girls all started off their morning with our first normal early bird of the session.  Campers ran, swam and paddled, working up quite an appetite for the yummy egg breakfast.   After early bird and inspection the girls headed down to their classes.  Some of the classes included sailing, biking, tennis, soccer, kayaking, swimming and self defense with our resident black belt, Rosie.  Everyone had an awesome morning learning new things while getting to know their cabins better.


Right after classes came a delicious pizza lunch, followed by rest hour.  In the afternoon camp had a very special visit from Dorothy, Toto and the Good Witch of the West Glenda!  Turns out a tornado hit Dorothy’s house and she needs our help finding her way back home to Ak-O-Mak from Oz.  The girls were split into four teams and spent the afternoon coming with a team name, cheer, flag and a skit.  The four teams: Rosemary’s Emeralds of Ahmic Lake, The Ak-O-Munchkins, The Flying Monkeys and The Orange Tornados are all ready to use their imagination and strength to get Dorothy back home!  We are all excited to see what the team’s first challenge will be in this Wizard of Oz themed team competition!

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.