Early Spring

Spring Equinox at Camp Ak-O-Mak


March 21st may mark the celestial first day of spring but Camp Ak-O-Mak continues to rest under a thick blanket of winter snow.   Dianne and Samson visited camp on Saturday to check on our “sleeping beauty” as we look toward the Pavilion build in May.  If you have not donated yet, please, please do not delay!  Camp really needs your financial assistance to buy the materials for the Volunteer Build organization to construct the Pavilion.


There is nothing as brilliant as the sun during the spring equinox on a cloudless day!  The ice on the lake was still frozen solid so ice fishermen and snow mobilers were taking full advantage of the conditions.  Sam and Dianne were able to walk into the middle of Ak-O-Mak’s bay to take pictures, kept warm by the high sun.  Parts of the ice were blown glass clear by the winds and would have been perfect for skating.  Other areas sported linear dunes of snow, carved by the wind and reminiscent of the pattern seen on the bottom of Sandy Beach in the summer.  The air was crisp and oh! fresh!  There was a peacefulness borne of the silence one only ‘hears’ in winter with all sound absorbed by the snow.  No birds, just the wind and the occasional buzz of a passing ski doo.


The Main House roof has shucked its abundant snow load in the usual favoured places:  the front stairs and by the kitchen door, barring any thoughts of entrance.  The snow was piled to the top of the flag pole’s rock pillar and Dianne was able to walk onto it with ease.


The big rock by the boat house, normally surrounded by water, was its own little island, suggesting the water level has been dropped in preparation for the spring thaw in a few weeks.


Enjoy the pictures of Camp Ak-O-Mak in restful repose.  We will keep you posted as spring unfolds and our grand dame awakens for another season. 

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.