2019 Counsellor Staff Bio’s


Hey y’all, I’m Anna from South Carolina.  This is my 4th year here at Camp Ak-O-Mak and I couldn’t be more excited! This fall I will be attending Clemson University and rowing on their varsity team. At camp my favourite activities are paddling swimming, team comp and especially campfire.  I can’t wait for all the exciting activities ahead this summer and I’m looking forward to meeting all the campers!  See you soon!



Hi, my name is Maddi.  I’m 17 and I’m from Toronto, Ontario.  I am so excited to spend my 7th summer at camp and for all the great early birds ahead.  As a camper, my favourite activity was always paddling and swimming 2 miles in the morning.  Coming from a competitive swimming background I found that open water swimming allowed me to discover the sport in a new way.  My favourite tea is Chai.  I love art and I will be starting my first year at Rhode Island School of Design in the fall.  I’m so excited for all the wacky adventures this summer and can’t wait to meet everyone. 



Hey, I’m Mackenna.  This is my 7th summer at camp! I live in Thunder Bay, Ontario and I am studying Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism with a concentration in Nature Based Therapy at Lakehead University.  This year I am the Waterfront Director and I can’t wait for all the swimming and paddling.  My favourite things to do at camp are canoeing, running and curling up with a good book in Hammock City.  I can’t wait for the summer and I am so excited to meet everyone!



Hello, my name is Paloma. This is my second year at camp and I’m very happy and excited to be back at camp and to meet many new campers.  I’m very active and involved in sports and athletics at my home in Mexico.  I also participate in many triathlons.    I am happy to have the opportunity to teach and share a little of what I have learned with our Ak-O-Mak campers.  I especially enjoy when the whole camp is together singing in the main house and at campfire. 



Hello, my name is Marina.  I am 20 years old and come from Mexico City, Mexico.  I am currently studying Political Science and love reading, writing and having long conversations.  I was a camper for eight years and this will be my second year as part of the staff.  I am super excited for running, paddling and meeting all our campers. 



Hi everyone, I’m Sam! I’m from Quebec City and this is my ninth year at camp. I’m a former competitive summer and alpine skier and I am currently in law school at Laval University in Quebec City.  At camp, my favourite things include early bird, team comp and paddling.  I’m super excited for this summer and I can’t wait to meet everyone. 


Natasha (Tash)

Hi, I’m Tash and I’m from Australia.  I grew up on an island in South Australia and went to boarding school at a young age.  This is my first time at a summer camp and I’m very excited to meet everyone and have a great summer.  



Hey, I’m Sarah and I‘m from Kitchener Ontario.  This is my 9th summer at Camp Ak-O-Mak.  My favourite camp activities are paddling and mountain biking. At home, I play field hockey, ultimate frisbee and was a competitive swimmer for 12 years.  I will be attending Queen’s University in the fall to study engineering.  Camp is my favourite place on earth and I can’t wait for this summer. 



My name is Fernanda.  I’m 24 years old and I’m from Mexico.  I just graduated as a psychologist.  During my college years I had the chance to work with people from all ages.  This is my 3rd year at camp. At camp I love swimming and running with the campers during early bird.  Some of my favourite activities are going to the beach and hiking.  This summer I’m most excited to meet new people and learn from everybody. 



Hi! My name is Carly and this is my fourth year back at camp.  My favourite things to do at camp are running on the trails and paddling.  When I’m not at camp I attend University in Florida where I play for the varsity volleyball team and study exercise science.  I am so excited for a summer full of laughter and adventure!



Kia Ova! I’m Lily, I come from the very far away land of New Zealand! This is my first year at camp and I am very excited to get started and meet everyone coming to camp this year.  I love going on adventures and experiencing new things- creating life-long memories. 



Hey, I’m Kate (or Kurt) and I’m from England.  This is my fourth year at camp and I’m super excited to be back.  Since camp last year, I’ve been living and travelling in Australia.  I studied Sport and Exercise Science at Liverpool John Moores University.  I’m most looking forward to campfires and coaching the soccer team.  Can’t wait to see you all!



Hi! My name is Marion.  I’ve been coming to camp for 12 years.  Some of my favourite camp activities are swimming, team comp and paddling!  This coming year I’ll be starting my next adventure by moving to British Columbia to attend the University of Victoria.  I’m most excited to share my passion for paddling with everyone this summer at camp.



Hi! My name is Lauren an I’m from East Yorkshire in England.  This is my first year at camp.  I’m super excited and feel truly honoured to be part of this incredible community.  I’ve just finished my first year at the University of Birmingham where I study Liberal Arts and Natural Science focusing on Spanish, History, Philosophy and English. In my free time I love swimming reading and painting.  I’m excited to participate in all that camp has to offer and to be a part of helping all our campers to have a great summer.



Hi! I’m Maya.  I have been coming to camp for 7 years.  I live in New Jersey and I will be attending he University of Colorado Boulder after a year of travelling around the word.  I love to swim, rock climb and play water polo.  My favourite part of camp is campfire and triathlons.  Camp Ak-O-Mak is my favourite place and I can’t wait for another amazing camp summer!



My name is MJ and I am from Mexico.  I am a chemical engineer, and this is my 15th summer at camp. I am a triathlete and I am a fan of nature and travelling.  Camp for sure is my favourite place in the world.   It’s a place where I can find peace, strength, energy and happiness.  Camp is where my soul fills up with positive vibes, which motivates me to work to my best ability.  I’m looking forward to making this summer the best!



Hey pals, it’s Bella.  This is my sixth summer at Ak-O-Mak and I am so excited for the adventures this summer will bring.  I live in Thunder Bay, Ontario and I am studying concurrent Education and Outdoor Recreation Parks and Tourism at Lakehead University.  I love to swim, run, paddle and hammock.  Hiking and Canoeing are my favourite camp activities.  Camp is my favourite place in the world, and I cannot wait for you all to experience it as well.  I am so excited to reconnect and meet all our campers for an amazing summer.



I’m Hannah from Australia.  Since first coming to camp last summer, I have been living in Canada.  I enjoy playing netball and badminton.  My favourite thing to do at camp is swimming and dishes!



I’m Bea and I come from Australia.  I am 21 years old and this is my second year at camp.  My favourite thing about camp is the lake and getting to swimming every day.  I love dancing and I’ve been taking classes for 18 years.  I’m looking forward to a great summer. 



I am Constanza from Celaya, Guanajuato Mexico.  I study Events Management.  What I love most about camp is that here you can be your self all the time.  I love that we are surrounded by nature which allows me to connect to myself.  During the year, I love to do triathlons, running and babysitting.  I’m looking forward to spending time with everyone at camp. Camp is life!



Hi everyone, my name is Lilia.  I’m from Celaya Guanajuato Mexico.  I studied marketing.  My favourite sports are mountain biking triathlon running a golf.  I also love to do flower arranging.  I have a flower business with my sister.  Camp for me is heaven on earth.  It is where my mind and body synchronize and where I feel challenged to grow to the next level.  Ak-O-Mak is special for me because this is an amazing environment of friendship, girl power, sportsman ship and sisterhood.  I love camp.  It will always be in my heart!



My name is Regina.  I am from Hungary.  I am studying at the University of Pannonia as an economist specializing in tourism.  I played competitive volleyball.  I am excited to paddle this summer.


Favourite Camp Songs

Lilia- Banana’s Unite

Regina- Love Story

Anna- Donut Shop

Marion- 3 Little Angels

Marina- Old Hiram’s Goat

Constanza- Boy and a Girl in a Canoe

Bea- Hagalina Magolina

Hannah M.- Country Roads

Bella- The Jellyfish Song

MJ- Herman the Worm

Maya- Hagalina Magdalina

Lauren- Bang- Bang Paddles

Kate- Rufus Rustice Johnson Brown

Lily- Boogie Woogie Song

Carly- Ping Pong Ball

Fernanda- Baby Shark

Sarah- My Hat

Natasha- I Don’t Wanna Go Home

Sam- Three Blue Pigeons

Paloma- Leaving on a Jet Plane

Mackenna- Hagalina Magdalina

Maddi- Blue Ridge Mountains

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.