Friday June 28 2019

Another terrific camp day is in the books! For our very first early bird campers had the option to swim, run, mountain bike, or road bike all before breakfast. Once everyone had completed their chosen activity, we all bundled up in some cozy clothes and headed up to breakfast. After enjoying plenty of French toast, bacon, and some yummy hot cereal the morning schedule was announced, and the campers headed off to tidy for inspection. Each cabin was beautifully swept, bunks were made, and shoes were organized before morning classes began. After a full morning of sports and a calm rest hour, campers were thrilled to be back up in the main house for the introduction to this sessions Team Comp! Toy Story was announced as the theme and the whole camp was split up evenly into 4 teams. Each team had 1 hour to come up with a team name, skit, song, and flag and then got to present their wonderfully unique ideas in front of the camp. After a quick jump in the lake campers were ready for dinner. Tonight was Fish Friday, a camp favourite consisting of breaded fish, homemade French fries, peas, and fresh salad greens. After homemade chocolate chip cookies were served for dessert the campers enjoyed a lovely fireside yoga session led by our camp yoga instructor Sheryl. Everyone was nice and relaxed as they headed back to their cabins for a good night’s sleep, resting up for another fun day at Akomak.

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.