July 28th Ahmic Harbour

July 28th, Ahmic Harbour

What a great day of racing we had on Sunday even despite the cooler weather.  The girls all enjoyed a sleep in until breakfast on Sunday morning in preparation for the 3 mile Ahmic Harbour race against our brother camp, Camp Chikopi.  After a delicious waffle and sausage breakfast the girls who were racing changed into their bathing suits and headed down to the dock for some cheers before joining the boys in the water for the start of the race.  The girls who were not racing helped to cheer on those swimming by paddling in canoes with the counselors alongside the swimmers.  It was an excellent race with many girls coming out in front, six of the top ten camper finishers were girls!  We had a large number of swimmers complete the race with great times even despite the cooler weather and windy conditions.  Once we got to Ahmic Harbour everyone bundled up in sweaters and towels and sipped hot chocolate to warm themselves up.  The girls and the boys all enjoyed a yummy lasagna lunch before a quick awards ceremony and then the paddle or run back to camp.




1ST     ANGELICA G.              1:24:55

2ND      ELYSE T.                     1:35:50



11- 12 GIRLS


1ST     ABBY H.                      1:06:07

2ND    MARION D.                 1:07:51

3RD     ARIANNE C.                1:07:56

4TH     LAUREN A.                 1:08:24

5TH     TRINITY Z.                 1:08:50

6TH     ROBIN C.                     1:09:42

7TH     ABBY S.                       1:09:52

8TH     MARIE T.                    1:10:52

9TH     SARAH S.                    1:14:43

10TH  MAYA G.                     1:19:45

11TH  SIENA G.                     1:15:07

12TH  SLOANE C.                  1:22:29

13TH  JILLIAN S.                   1:24:20

14TH  NEVE V.                      1:24:32

15TH  CALLA T.                    1:26:40

16TH  MADISON W.              1:32:29


13-14 GIRLS


1ST     WYNN M.                    56:23

2ND    LAUREN S.                  59:41

3RD     ABBY H.                      1:06:15

4TH     EMILY M.                    1:07:05

5TH     BREANNA C.              1:08:08

6TH     MAYA M.                     1:09:18

7TH     ASHLEY S.                  1:09:4

8TH     NATASHA L.               1:09:43

9TH     MCKENNA A.              1:09:51

10TH  ISABELLA C.               1:10:36

11TH  SAMUELLE F.             1:10:59

12TH  JESSICA W.                 1:11:00

13TH  KATE- LYNN H.          1:17:14

14TH  HANNAH P.                1:17:15

15TH  GRACE P.                    1:17:40

16TH  SAMANTHA G            .           1:17:47

17TH  SOPHIA F.                   1:25:41

18TH  GRECIA S.                   1:30:54

19TH  MARIANNA V.            1:36:52


15-17 GIRLS


1ST     BROOKE S.                  54:08

2ND    ELIZABETH W.          58:16

3RD     MOLLY M.                   59:35

4TH     ALEXA M.                   59:46 

5TH     MADELEINE H.          59:55

6TH     ERIN L.                       1:00:18

7TH     ELIZABETH M.           1:02:02

8TH     HAILEY M.                  1:03:52

9TH     EMILY S.                     1:06:11

10TH  SARABETH H.                        1:07:10

11TH  MARINA D.                 1:16:16

12TH  HALEY L.                    1:17:17

13TH  ERIN C.                       1:22:29

14TH  LARISSA D.                 1:23:29

15TH  MARA J.                      1:23:33

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