July 31st

July 31st

It was quite a busy but fun filled day here at camp!  The day began with a regular early bird for everyone.  Girls ran, biked, swam and paddled.  After breakfast everyone went down for inspection and then headed off to their classes for the morning.  The classes included zumba, transition practice for the upcoming Barrie triathlon, kayaking and swimming.

After classes everyone headed to the mainhouse for lunch.  The girls competing in the mountain bike race later that afternoon over at Chikopi ate quickly before biking or paddling over to the boys camp.  Once at Chikopi everyone went for a few practice rides around the course and then the race began.  Heat after heat the bikers sailed over the course with ease.  They flew over the streams, up and down the hills, around the point and over the rocks.  Everyone looked like experienced mountain bikers by their second time around the course.  It was a great race and everyone had a lot of fun.  Once everyone raced around the short course twice they had the opportunity to try a special longer, challenge course!  It was a great afternoon of racing against the boys.  The girls all did very well, giving it their all and beating many of the boys!

Back at Ak-O-Mak the rest of the girls spent a fun-filled afternoon kayaking, playing beach volleyball and even dressing up their counsellors for a counsellor fashion show!

It was another great day here at camp and we cannot wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us!




1ST     ALINA A.                     6:30

2ND    CATRICE B.                7:45



1ST     KRISTEN K.                6:15

2ND    NEVE V.                      6:26

3RD     MCKENZIE O.             6:29

4TH     MAYA G.                     6:48

5TH     ROBIN C.                     6:57

6TH     SARAH S.                    7:53

7TH     MADISON W.              8:55



1ST     KATE-LYNN H.           5:13

2ND    JESSICA W.                 5:43

3RD     MAYA M.                     5:46

4TH     LAUREN S.                  5:51

5TH     SAMUELLE F.             6:43

6TH     MEGAN G.                   6:46

7TH     MARAENA A.              7:06

8TH     HANNAH P.                7:14

9TH     WYNN M.                    8:01


GIRLS 15 TO 17

1ST     BROOKE S.                  5:04

2ND    EMILY S.                     5:27

3RD     MJ C.                            5:33

4TH     ANN T.                        5:42

5TH     HAILEY M.                  6:15

6TH     ALEXA M.                   6:16

7TH     ELIZABETH M.           6:22

8TH     ERIN L.                       6:31

9TH     SARABETH H.                        6:52

10TH  HALEY L.                    7:02

            MARA J.                      7:02

12TH  CONSTANZA A.          7:16

13TH  MADELEINE   H.         7:20

14TH  MONICA CO.               7:30

15TH  LARISSA D.                 8:54




1ST     BROOKE S.                  6:56

2ND    KATE-LYNN H.           7:11

3RD     JESSICA W.                 7:58

4TH     KRISTIN K.                 8:15

5TH     NEVE V.                      8:27

6TH     ELIZABETH M.           8:49

7TH     ALINA A.                     9:10

8TH     MOLLY L.                    9:24

9TH     MJ C.                            9:26

10TH  MAYA M.                     9:44

11TH  ROBIN C.                     10:31

12TH  CATRICE B.                11:57


Mark your calendar

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