Water Day and Kempenfest Swim

August 2nd, Water Day


After a fun morning of classes and a delicious pizza lunch the girls all headed down to their cabins for a shortened rest hour while the boys all paddled over to Ak-O-Mak for Water Day.  Once the boys got here we split both camps into eight teams lead by the Chikopi counselors.   The teams then went from station to station competing in different activities on the water in the hopes of winning Water Day.  The teams competed in canoe races, a diving contest, a waterpolo shootout, a war canoe race, and even preformed a synchronized swimming routine.  It was a fun afternoon and in the end it was “The Aquatic Moose” that won it all. 


Shortly after the awards for Water Day had been given out Chikopi ate dinner with us here at Ak-O-Mak, while a Chikopi counselor played the piano, and all the campers sang along.  Meanwhile both soccer teams began to warm up for their upcoming game.  It was quite the exciting game.  Chikopi was the first to score, but it wasn’t too long after that Ak-O-Mak tied up the score.  For the rest of the game the score inched up one by one, with each of Chikopi’s goals followed by an Ak-O-Mak goal.  Finally, with five minutes left Ak-O-Mak was up by one until Chikopi scored to tie the game.  It was an intense game and with two minutes left Ak-O-Mak headed the ball into the top corner of the net scoring a final goal!  All of the girls went wild and we played out the last two minutes, winning the game!  We had finally beaten the boys!  The girls were all ecstatic and I’m sure the cheers could be heard from across the lake.  Our goal scorers were Memae C., Jessica W., Marina D., and Emily S.  A huge congratulation goes out to the entire team, who played a fantastic game!



August 3rd, Kempenfest

It was an early morning for us here at Ak-O-Mak as the first bell rang at 5:45 to wake the girls up for a 6:00 breakfast. The girls had a quick breakfast of eggs, croissants and fruit before loading up the buses and heading to Barrie for Kempenfest.  Once we got to Barrie the girls all got changed into their bathing suits and grabbed their timing chips and caps for the 2km swim race.   After a few Ak-O-Mak cheers for warm up all seventy-seven Ak-O-Mak swimmers entered the water for the swim.  It was a great race and Ak-O-Mak did very well.  Three Ak-O-Makers were in the top ten for the swim and all of the girls finished the race smiling.  We stayed for the awards ceremony where many of our girls finished in the top of their age groups.  After awards the cabins all split up and the headed off with their counselors to eat lunch and shop along the waterfront.  It was such a busy day for everyone that the buses were nice and quiet on the way back to camp.  The girls then had a chance to bathe after a dinner of turkey and stuffing.  An early bedtime ended our exciting day in Barrie!   

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