August 19th

August 19th

This morning the girls awoke to a beautifully flat lake and just enough sunlight streaming through the clouds—perfect conditions for our first normal Early Bird! After choosing to either swim to Rocky Reef or run one of the forest trails, everyone headed up to the Mainhouse for a breakfast of eggs, fruit and toasted bagels. As I type, the girls are out enjoying their morning classes of mountain biking, canoeing, softball and learning how to fence! And of course, swimming YAY!

This afternoon, the girls will be flashing their best smiles as we take our annual camp photos. Afterward, everyone will be meeting up for the much-anticipated reveal of this session’s Team Comp theme! The girls will then be donning their game faces and thinking caps to devise a team name and cheer, which will be presented to the judges before dinner. This evening’s activity will be camp-wide games in the back fields before a quick dip in the lake and bed time. All in all, another exciting day here at Camp Ak-O-Mak!

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.