August 20th

August 20th

It is a gorgeous day here at Camp Ak-O-Mak without a cloud in the sky and a subtle breeze coming in across the bay. At the sound of the bell, the girls awoke and headed down to the beach with their caps, goggles and bathing suits for an Early Bird swim—many completing their very first open water miles to Rocky Reef! Following a delicious breakfast of cheese omelets, toast and fresh strawberries and inspection, everyone was ready for an exciting morning of rugby, lacrosse, small boats, basketball, zumba, kayaking and, as always, SWIMMING YAY!


This afternoon after rest hour, the girls will have the choice of sailing out on our fleet of Sunfish sailboats or a running clinic with our very own resident marathoner Rosie followed by this afternoon’s team comp activity.



Yesterday it was brought to our attention that Snap, Crackle and Pop have escaped from the confines of the cereal boxes in the kitchens of Camp Ak-O-Mak to seek out the help of the campers and counselors alike.

Tired of playing second fiddle to the always healthy (but bland) All-Bran and Corn Flakes, the Rice Krispies trio have vowed to band together with other neglected cereal characters in the fight to take back breakfast from the tyrannical tirade of (in their opinion) their less tasty cousins the Corn Flakes Rooster and the All-Bran commercial guy. The Bodacious Brown Cows, Toucan Sam’s Minions, Captain Crunch Comeback Cereal and the Powerful Pebbles have agreed to join their campaign and work together to seek out the help of other cereal characters and banish the Corn Flakes and All-Bran forever. Stay tuned for more.

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.