August 23rd

August 23rd

Yesterday morning the bell went at 8:15, giving the girls an extra hour to sleep in before a quick breakfast and paddle over to Chikopi for the start of the Knoepfli 1 Mile swim! After beaching their canoes, everyone headed over to the point where the race would begin. Green and orange and green and white canoes floated just off shore ready to guide the swimmers to the big brown boat house at Knoepfli. The gun sounded and they were off! A little wind was no match for our girls as they cut across to the channel where it would be a straight shot right into the finish.  Finishing in the top ten overall after a close battle against the boys were Vanessa G., Keira M., Alexis B. and Kate A.—all finishing 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 9th respectively! Great job to all our girls who swam. Way to beat those boys!


After the race, the girls sipped on hot chocolate and enjoyed a post-race snack before walking or running the mile back to Chikopi for lunch and awards. After lunch, everyone was split into teams for Chikopi Field Day! Teams led by the Ak-O-Mak counselors travelled around to various activities where they competed for points and the coveted prizes from the mysterious Chikopi grab bag—an assortment of various clothing items, swimming accessories and relics from the past 50 years. In the end it was Team 2 who took home the gold, just edging out the other teams by a few points. After Field Day concluded, the girls enjoyed a little beach time at Chikopi before hopping back into our green and orange canoes and paddling back home for dinner. Laughter and stories from the day’s events could be heard across the lake as we travelled home after a fun filled day with the boys. We are all looking forward to our next event with Chikopi on Monday—the Ahmic Harbour 3 Mile swim and Water Day at Ak-O-Mak!




1st      Diana Pascuita                   33:25

2nd    Laura Gutsch                     39:09

3rd     Gracey Smith                     41:16




1st      Anna Dahlgren                  24:31

2nd    Jillian Armstrong              27:27

3rd     Emma Seawright              27:36

4th     Marion Denny                   27:56

5th     Jordan Storm                     30:36

6th     Caroline Martin                31:12

7th     Erica Leighton                   30:51

8th     Marnie Gray                       30:53

9th     Caroline Carutthers        31:12

10th  Kathryn Atkinson                        31:19

11th  Natalie Metzing                 32:39

12th  Emily Winslow                 32:41

13th  Reaghan Geimer               32:47

14th  Emma Lazenby                 33:26

15th  Kate Crosby                        33:33

16th  Jane Mac Donald              36:40

17th  Leandra Budeau               36:42

18th  Ella Stoyan                          36:45

19th  Alicia Corbiere                   36:46

20th  Coco Cockburn                  36:48

21st   Sidney Musicco                 38:55

22nd Waruiru Rionge-Hogan 40:55

23rd  Alison Keith                        41:00

24th  Emma McNight                 43:31


13 – 14 GIRLS

1st      Kate Armstrong                24;25

2nd    Jessica Code                        26:26

3rd     Hailey Norris                     26:36

4th     Ashlynn Miller                  27:08

5th     Olivia Olson                                    27:35

6th     Keely O'Brien                    27:36

7th     Mary Kate Jory                  28:09

8th     Lianna Grace                      28:20

9th     Annie Rutherford                        30:10

10th  Jodie McKirdy                   31:58

11th  Elise Warren Legualt      32:34

12th  Ella Giacomelli                   35:45

13th  Kyra Wells                          44:32

14th  MacKenzie Musicco         45:44



15-17 GIRLS


1st      Vanessa Gold                     23:00

2nd    Kiera Michalloff Russell 23:15

3rd     Alexis Bragman                 23:22

4th     Gillian Tate                         24:43

5th     Allison Martin                   25:43

6th     Lee Ann Liberta                25:46

7th     Rebecca Niedbala             25:48

8th     Yvonne Kang                     26:06

9th     Erin Lee                               26:71

10th  Dana Sherrard                  26:56

11th  Alex Winslow                    29:45

12th  Meagan Adams                 30:35

13th  Sarah Lychy                       31:25

14th  Erinn Theodossiou          31:26

15th  Samantha    Wesson        35:06


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