Ahmic Harbour Swim

Ahmic Harbour Swim

Although the weather was cloudy and rainy , it didn’t dampen our spirits for Water Day and the Ahmic Harbour Swim. With a quick flip in the schedule everything still ran smooth with Water Day in the morning and the swim in the afternoon. The girls and boys were split up into teams and competed in matches of balloon volleyball in the Mainhouse, various relays, water balloon tosses and team skits. After awards and a delicious lunch, everyone headed down to the main dock for the start of the race, as the sun began to break through the clouds overhead. It turned into a perfect day for the swim—the air was warm and the water was like glass. In under an hour and placing in the top ten overall were Alexis B., Vanessa G., Keira M. and Kate A. in 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th.  Ak-O-Mak was well represented in the top ten campers as well with the addition of Gillian T. and Anna D.—way to beat those boys! Fantastic job to all of our swimmers, we are so proud of you!





1ST     DIANA PASCUITA                              1:15:32


11-13 GIRLS

1ST     ANNA DAHLGREN                            59:20

2ND    EMMA SEAWRIGHT                          1:06:24

3RD     MARION DENNY                                1:08:34

4TH     JILLIAN ARMSTRONG                       1:09:56

5TH     JORDAN STORM                                1:10:23

6TH     KATHRYN ATKINSON                       1:14:06

7TH     CAROLINE MARTIN                          1:14:16

8TH     MARNI GRAY                                     1:14:50

9TH     ERICA LEIGHTON                              1:15:23

10TH    NATALIE METZING                                    1:20:34

11TH  EMILY WINSLOW                              1:20:38

12TH  EMMA LAZENBY                               1:21:13

13TH  ALICIA CORBIERE                             1:25:32

14TH  ELLA STOYAN                                   1:25:37

15TH  LEANDRA BUDAU                             1:26:45

16TH  REAGHAN GEIMER                           1:37:22

17TH  KATE CROSBY                                   1:38:58

18TH  SIDNEY MUSSICO                              1:40:47

19TH  JANE MACDONALD                           1:40:50


13-14 GIRLS


1ST     KATE ARMSTRONG                          58:42

2ND    KEELY O'BRIEN                                 1:01:06

3RD     HAILEY NORRIS                                1:04:13

4TH     MARY-KATE JORY                             1:04:41

5TH     JESSICA CODE                                    1:06:21

6TH     OLIVIA OLSON                                   1:06:23

7TH     ASHLYNN MILLER                            1:08:37

8TH     LIANNA GRACE                                 1:09:45

9th      ANNIE RUTHERFORD                       1:16:24

10TH  JODIE MCKIRDY                                1:17:38

11TH  ELISE LEGAULT-WARREN               1:20:17

12TH  ELLA GIACOMELLI                            1:38:38

13TH  KYRA WELLS                                     1:48:23


15-17 GIRLS

1ST     ALEXIS BRAGMAN                            54:48

2ND    VANESSA GOLD                                 54:57


4TH     GILLIAN TATE                                   59:03

5th      REBECCA NIEDBALA                                    1:00:46

6TH     ALLISON MARTIN                             1:01:00

7TH     LEE ANNE LIBERTA                         1:02:35

8TH     ERIN LEE                                            1:02:57

9TH     YVONNE KANG                                  1:14:06

10TH  MEAGAN ADAMS                              1:14:11

11TH  DANA SHERRARD                             1:14:20

12TH  ALEXANDRA WINSLOW                   1:14:23

13TH  SARAH LYCHY                                   1:15:06

14TH  ERINN THEODOSSIOU                      1:15:09

15TH  SAMANTHA WESSON                       1:20:28

16TH  CEEJAY MAERTEN                            1:37:25


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