On Your Mark. Get Set‰Û_.nevermind

On Your Mark. Get Set….nevermind

Sunday night the girls went to bed after campfire with the anticipation of the 3 mile race ahead of them the next morning. Bedtime on the cabin line was quieter than usual as girls dreamt of the quickest to get through the lily pads en route to Ahmic Harbour.

At 8:30 when the bell rang, calling the campers for breakfast. Monday being race day obviously called for a much appreciated


When we all poked our heads out of the cabin to see what clothes we would need for after the morning evens our vision was greatly obscured by the golf ball sized raindrops falling from the sky. The race would have to be postponed until Tuesday, we crossed our fingers for great weather.

To keep warm and dry for morning classes they took place indoors or on the porch of the Main House. There were energetic zumba/aerobics classes in the Main House, self-defense classes by Rosie on the porch and deep in the depths of the cabin line, way down in cabin seven there was a royal rumble in the ROCKTAGON! Campers took the form of sumo wrestlers with their lifejackets on as sumo pants and tried to belly bump their way to dominance against their cabin-mates.

This afternoon heralded another team comp event! Simon Cowell, super-model Twiggy, and Harry Styles from One Direction challenged the campers to compete in Ak-O-Mak’s very own round of X-Factor…somehow this would surely bring back the Queen’s crown jewels…maybe they respond to dancing and singing.

Each team put on an amazing performance! It was quite tricky to determine who the winners were. Of course I can’t tell you now or it may give away the rankings in Team Comp. You’ll just have to wait for the results at banquet!

After dinner we played tons of crazy games on the back field. The girls have headed off to their cabins for another restful night, hopefully tomorrow will bring us some sunshine! Cross your fingers and toes for us!

Sweet dreams and happy camping!

Hayley & Yukki

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.