July 6th & July 7th

July 6th


What a busy day for us at Camp Ak-O-Mak!  All of the girls competing in the Huronia Triathlon in Midland had an early wake up and loaded the bus so we could be on our way to the triathlon nice and early.  Once we got there everyone got ready for an awesome day of racing!   We started with the youngest age groups and our 8-9 year olds kicked off the day followed by all of the other age groups in the Kids of Steal race.  After everyone 15 and under had finished racing the girls and counselors cheering got ready for their own races.  The oldest campers and counselors that competed in the Try-A-Tri and the Sprint Triathlon all raced their hearts out while all of the younger campers cheered them on. 

After a great day of racing the Ak-O-Mak crew even got to go up on the stage and do a few camp cheers into the microphone.  All in all, it was an awesome day of racing in Midland.  On the way home we even stopped for some ice cream to end off the day. 

The group of campers back at camp for the day had a fantastic time hiking, learning about the history of camp, doing surfboard relays, and playing the favourite Rocktagon in Cabin 7.

Once everyone was back together at camp we had a delicious cookout dinner of hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner followed by story time where everyone told their favourite parts of the day by the fire in the mainhouse.

It was yet another awesome day for everyone and we are all excited to beat the boys in the Kneopfli mile swim tomorrow!



July 7th


The girls all enjoyed a nice sleep in through early bird today after the early morning we all had yesterday.  Everyone rolled out of bed and headed up to a breakfast of croissants, eggs, and oatmeal. 

Although the weather wasn’t too great for us this morning everyone got into canoes and we paddled over to Chikopi for the traditional Knoepfli mile swim.   Once we got to Chikopi the girls raced their hardest against the boys and did an amazing job! 

After paddling and walking back to Chikopi we had lunch with the boys and then awards and we all got into our canoes to paddle back home to Ak-O-Mak.  Once back at camp the girls enjoyed rest hour and then went to a softball practice, soccer, or on a mountain bike ride. 

We then headed up to the mainhouse for a delicious dinner of Greek salad, pork, potatoes, pitas and tzatziki sauce.  We then all went down to the fire pit to roast marshmallows and sing songs around the campfire until bedtime. 

Everyone is looking forward to a few regular camp days now!





1ST PLACE                 Florence M.    32:07

2nd place                   Jolie M.            39:27

3rd place                    Amanda J.       39:28


GIRLS 11-12

1ST PLACE                 Sarah S.          24:24

2nd Place                   Elana G.          24:36

3rd Place                    Emma G.         26:28

4th Place                    Robin C.          26:53

5th place                    Madeleine Y.  27:09

6th Place                    Claire S.          27:40

7th place                    Alessandra A. 30:47

8th Place                    Lucy M.           31:22

9th Place                    Claire W.         31:30

10th Place                  Maddy W.       31:39

11th Place                  Erin K.             32:10 

12th Place                  Teagan D.       39:07

13TH Place                Felicity C.        40:37



GIRLS 13-14

1ST PLace                  Indianna S.     22:35

2nd Place                   Arianne C.      23:23

3rd Place                    Jessica R.        23:24

4th Place                    Sofia S.            24:22

5th Place                    Samantha H.   24:41

6th Place                    Marion D.       25:03

7th Place                    Sarah M.         26:34

8th Place                    Maya G.           27:26

9th Place                    Maddy D.        27:48

10th Place                  Abby H.           28:32

11th Place                  Isabella A.       28:45

12th Place                  Claire P.          28:57

13th Place                  Lilli Ana M.     29:54

14th Place                  MacKenzie O. 30:45

15th Place                  Hunter A.        32:03

16th Place                  Paola M.          32:26

17th Place                  Sofia B.           32:40

18th Place                  Carly M.          42:39

19th Place                  Ana Sofia D.   42:40


GIRLS 15-17

1st Place                     Elizabeth W.   24:29

2nd Place                   Abby H.           26:35

3rd Place                    Cassie C.         30:00

4th Place                    Grace P.          31:23

5th Place                    Samantha G.   31:27

6th Place                    Ursula M.        36:15

7th Place                    Erin M.            45:39

8th Place                    Gillian K.         45:40



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