July 8th

July 8th

Yesterday was a bit of a rainy day but that didn’t stop us from making the best of it.   The girls were all troopers and did early bird in the rain before coming up for a hot breakfast of waffles, bacon, oatmeal, and fruit to warm everyone up.

After a long inspection of cleaning and sorting laundry the girls headed to their morning classes.   Due to the rain the classes ended up being swimming, small boats, and a camp wide Zumba class in the mainhouse.

Once our Zumba session was over and everyone was all danced out we had a delicious lunch of homemade pizza and salad.  The girls then all headed to their cabins for a rest hour out of the rain. 

After rest hour everyone put on comfy, cozy clothes and settled down in the mainhouse for some team competition counsellor trivia.  We had so much fun learning things like counsellor Lily tried out for her stepping team in high school.  And none of the girls guessed that Georgia was the counsellor with over fifty first cousins!  Once we had finished counsellor trivia, our coach Jocelyn put in an Ironman Kona video.  It was an inspiring video about both the pros and amateurs who completed the 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run.  We then had an opportunity for Jocelyn to speak about her experience completing 24 Ironman races, both as a pro and an amateur. 

We then had a yummy dinner and everyone went down to the cabins to prepare lip sync’s that will be performed today!  


Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.