July 10th & July 11th

July 11th


This morning was a little different here at camp because our early bird was a light breakfast before the 10km run against Chikopi.  The boys showed up nice and early so that we could run the race before it got too hot.  After a few stretches and cheers the race began and everyone was off running to Ahmic Harbour and back. 

It was a tight race with Brett S. from Chikopi coming in first followed closely by his mom and our Athletic Director, Jocelyn who came second.  All of our Ak-O-Mak girls did a great job and many girls were in the top ten. 

After an awesome morning of running the boys joined us for a delicious lunch and some singing before padding back to Chikopi.  The girls then all went down to their cabins for a well deserved rest hour.

Once rest hour was over we all headed down to the boathouse to take advantage of the gorgeous weather with an afternoon of paddling practice.  Everyone had an awesome time practicing in their small boats and war canoes for the upcoming regatta.

It was then time for a dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn, and salad.  The softball team then had an evening practice and everyone else went for a mountain bike or played a few different backfield games.  After such a tiring but fun day everyone is now ready for bed and looking forward to another awesome camp day tomorrow!



1ST place                   Amanda J.                   48:51

2nd place                   Noelle Y.                     58:49

3rd place                    Abigail G.                    59:15

4th place                    Keagan D.                   59:37

5th place                    Jolie M.                        1:14:53

6th place                    Aitziber F.                   1:40:43

7th place                    Jenna S.                       1:44:09



11-12 GIRLS

1ST Place                   Claire S.                      44:25

2nd place                   Elana G.                      54:07

3rd place                    Felicity C.                    55:12

4th place                    Kosi L.                         57:56

5th place                    Maddie Y.                   59:34

6th place                    Alessandra A.             1:01:27

7th place                    Teagan D.                   1:06:41

8th place                    Lucy M.                       1:11:37

9th place                    Robin C                       1:19:05

10th place                  Itziar  F.                      1:27:08

11th place                  Olivia K.                      1:43:52


13 -14 Girls

1st place                     Isabella A.                   48:53

2nd place                   Mackenzie O.              52:44

3rd place                    Jessica R.                    53:16

4th place                    Carly M.                      57:22

5th place                    Indie S.                        57:66

6th place                    Paola M.                      1:04:08

7th place                    Samantha H.               1:10:03

8th place                    Amelia C.                    1:11:33

9th place                    Sarah S.                      1:13:08

10th place                  Ana Sofia D.               1:13:31

11th place                  Maya G.                       1:20:32

12th place                  Arianne C.                  1:20:43

13th place                  Abby H.                       1:44:29


15-17 GIRLS

1st place                     Natasha L.                  53:32

2nd place                   Samantha G.               57:16

3rd place                    Alexa M.                      58:06

4th place                    Gillian K.                     58:37

5th place                    Abby H.                       1:00:04

6th place                    Elizabeth W.               1:00:56

7th place                    Ashley S.                     1:00:57

8th place                    Ursula M.                    1:11:19

9th place                    Monica C.                    1:28:40




1st place                     Jocelyn S.                    43:13

2nd place                   Emily C.                       47:09

3rd place                    Monica D.                   49:05

4th place                    Molly L.                       49:08

5th place                    Martha D.                   50:29

6th place                    Brigette C.                  53:55

7th place                    Rosie T.                      54:13

8th place                    MJ C.                            54:50

9th place                    Jessica C.                     57:42

10th place                  Colette D.                    1:03:05

11th place                  Lily E.                          1:11:19



July 10th


What started out as a very foggy morning turned into a beautiful day for us here at Ak-O-Mak.  The girls who swam for early bird swam triangles in the bay because of the fog and the rest of the campers went for a run or a road bike. 

After early bird and breakfast the sun was out and all of the girls enjoyed their morning classes of swimming, mountain biking, kayaking, small boats, tennis, and felid hockey.

Once we had a yummy lunch and a relaxing rest hour everyone headed over to Ahmic Lake Lodge by war canoe, bike, or pleasure canoe.  A few campers even elected to swim over to the lodge.  Once at the lodge everyone enjoyed an afternoon of ice cream and playing in the rapids.

We all made our way back to camp for dinner and then had open waterfront until heading for bed to rest up to beat the boys in the 10km running race against Chikopi Friday morning. 


Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.