July 14th

July 14th


It was a great day with perfect weather for us here at Ak-O-Mak!  Our morning started out with an early breakfast so that we could all war canoe and C4 over to Chikopi for the Chikopi triathlon.

Once we arrived on Chikopi’s beach the cheering began and soon the race was underway.  Everyone swam, ran, and solo paddled as fast as they could in order to beat the boys.  It was a great race by all and a fun way to spend the morning.

After all of the racers had returned both camps gathered in front of Chikopi’s mainhouse for awards and then lunch.  It was then time for all of us to paddle back over to Ak-O-Mak for a well-deserved rest hour.

Once rest hour was over the softball team headed down to the baseball diamond for a practice while everyone else went to sandy beach for an afternoon of surfboard races and beach fun.

We had a delicious dinner of beef stew, potatoes, tomato salad, and a yummy apple crumble for dessert.  After dinner the softball team continued practicing and everyone else either had a diving lesson or went for a mountain bike ride for evening activity.  Everyone is now in bed getting ready for another awesome camp day tomorrow!




1st place                     Amanda J.                   1:07:12

2nd place                   Abigail G.                    1:12:53

3rd place                    Jolie M.                        1:14:36

4th place                    Keegan D.                   1:55:01


GIRLS 11 – 12

1st place                     Claire S.                      56:21

2nd place                   Elana G.                      58:28

3rd place                    Lucy M.                       59:01

4th place                    Robin C.                      59:54

5th place                    Madeleine Y.              1:05:00

6th place                    Alessandra A.             1:07:13

7th place                    Teagan D.                   1:07:30

8th place                    Sarah S.                      1:08:00

9th place                    Felicity C.                    1:16:00

10th place                  Olivia K.                      1:27:50



GIRLS 13 -14

1st place                     Indianna S.                 55:08

2nd place                   Isabella A.                   55:21

3rd place                    Jessica R.                    56:10

4th place                    MacKenzie O.             57:07

5th place                    Paola M.                      59:59

6th place                    Samantha H.               1:00:12

7th place                    Arianne C.                  1:03:32

8th place                    Marion D.                   1:03:37

9th place                    Maya G.                       1:04:05

10th place                  Carly M.                      1:05:01

11th place                  Ana Sofia D.               1:13:18

12th place                  Amelia C.                    1:13:58

13th place                  Abby H.                       1:16:40


GIRLS 15-17

1st place                     Abby H.                       54:03

2nd place                   Elizabeth W.               54:33

3rd place                    Natasha L.                  59:40

4th place                    Samantha G.               1:02:13

5th place                    Ashley S.                     1:06:59

6th place                    Gillian K.                     1:08:00

7th place                    Erin M.                        1:18:47



1st place                     Jocelyn S.                    49:56


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Make this their best summer yet.