All Girls Summer Camp in Northern Ontario

All Girls Competitive Swimming Camp


Camp Ak-O-Mak is situated on the shores of Ahmic Lake, a 3 ½ hour drive north of Toronto in the picturesque Parry Sound region of Ontario, Canada.

Girls enjoy 400 acres of scenic property including 1.5 km of private waterfront, 25 and 50-metre pools built into the lake, family style home-cooked meals, an on-site medical infirmary run by licensed healthcare staff and comfortable cabins with 2 to 3 counsellors each.

Swimming Camp for Girls

A Summer of Empowerment

Camp Ak-O-Mak is ultimately about helping girls become great young women. As an all girls summer camp, we offer an inclusive environment filled with likeminded peers and positive female role models.

The sports and activities at camp are simply the medium through which personal growth occurs. Girls leave camp at the end of the summer feeling stronger and more confident in themselves and their abilities.

Summer Swimming Camp

Sports Training Designed for Girls

Boys and girls have different bodies, but many training programs don’t take this into account. Our coaches know what girls need to succeed, physically and mentally, and incorporate this into every session.

With our specialized swimming and sports program, girls will experience rapid improvement in their strokes and be amazed at their improvements in strength, speed and confidence.


Competitive Swim Camp

An Unplugged Summer of Swimming and Sports