August 15th Update – Welcome to our final two-week session!

August 15

We were overjoyed to welcome the campers yesterday, our final two-week session has just begun! When the campers arrived they headed down to their cabins to pick their bunk and unpack their belongings. After making their beds and settling in, we jumped right into activities. By the afternoon the majority of campers had arrived and they began moving around to activities in their cabin cohort groups. Cabin One had their first of many canoeing classes, a spirited Zumba class, and a chill open waterfront as they got to know each other.  Cabin Two went on a kayaking adventure, played a game of kickball, and then went to another open waterfront session down at sandy beach. Cabin Three started the afternoon with a swim at sandy beach, then they played some tennis, followed by a competitive game of soccer! Cabin Four had some fun in the sun as they enjoyed a basketball class, followed by a soccer game, and then a quick kayak adventure before dinner. Cabin Five enjoyed a fun game of ultimate frisbee, then they also had a basketball class, followed by an open waterfront where they made full use of the diving tower! We all had a delicious dinner of chicken, broccoli, and potatoes followed by some amazing rice crispy squares for dessert! Before going to bed each cabin went on a personalized camp tour and had some cabin bonding time allowing the girls to get to know each other a bit better before jumping into another full day of activity!


Everyone has settled in very nicely, each cabin looked very neat and tidy at inspection the next day. The energy on the cabin line is high and consists of giggles, sing songs, and dance parties. Cabin One has added their own personal touch to the cabin in the form of a decorative pebble display on the porch. Every camper will participate in a swim practice and mountain biking class during their first full day at camp. It is wonderful to see the spirit and determination of each and every girl here as they participate in these sports. Other activities on the schedule today included archery, paddleboarding, synchro, and self-defence! It will be an action-packed day.

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.