• Dear Parents and Campers:

    The Barrie Kids of Steel Triathlon is one of the most memorable events of summer, and we highly encourage our campers to take advantage of this opportunity. They will be well-prepared for the triathlon by coach Jocelyn Saunders (a triathlete herself) in the weeks leading up to the Kids of Steel Triathlon. The race is scheduled for August 9, 2020.

    We travel to Barrie the evening before the race to check out the course and secure our bikes. We enjoy a hearty dinner at a local restaurant to "load those carbs" and share a relaxing evening together. Overnight accommodations are at a local hotel and all costs are included in your tuition.

    Please note the registration fee for the race is already included with the camp tuition whether the camper decides to participate in the triathlon or not. The registration fee also includes a BBQ lunch following the race in addition to a Barrie Kids of Steel Triathlon t-shirt.

    To avoid disappointment we urge you to complete this form so we can register your daughter as soon as possible.

    Feel free to bring your own road bike if you have one, or campers can use one of the road bikes the camp has available for them.


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