Camp Update: August 23-24, 2022

On Tuesday we had a lovely sunny day here at camp. We started off the day with an active early bird where the campers got to choose between swimming, running, and road biking. After breakfast, the campers all had their daily swim practice and continued working on their open water swimming skills. Cabin One went canoeing, Cabin Two had small boats, Cabin


Three had lacrosse, and Cabins Four and Five competed in the first round of the tennis tournament. After lunch, the campers enjoyed a rest hour and candy store before beginning their afternoon activities. The road bikers had the opportunity to go on a longer road ride in the afternoon while the rest of the camp stayed cool by participating in a variety of water sports. The choices included: synchro, diving, kayak adventure, and archery. We all met at the main dock for an open waterfront before dinner. After dinner, we had our first campfire of the session. It was a lovely night down by the water roasting marshmallows and singing campfire songs.


On Wednesday we had Olympic Day! Olympic day is a favourite camp event where we compete in almost every sport we offer here at Ak-o-mak. The camp is split into four teams and they choose a country to be that is not represented at Ak-o-mak this summer. The countries were Olympus, Atlantis, Anti-Villain League, and Tavitti. In the morning the field sports are offered. The campers competed in tennis, track and field, break dancing, kickball, duathlon, gymnastics, archery, spikeball and much more! In the afternoon we begin with our swim meet. The swim meet consists of a variety of events in both the short and long-course pool. After the swim meet the campers compete in a variety of other water sports including paddle boarding, water polo, diving, K1 races, and synchronized swimming. Olympic day is such an active day for our campers. We love seeing their competitive energy come out in full force!

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.